Hi, I’m Nadine. I am a contemporary fine art photographer and artist based in the North Wessex Downs. I create expressive and dynamic images of rural landscapes and abstract compositions using paint, collage and alternative camera techniques. I am drawn to a perceived sense of atmosphere and otherness, qualities not seen by the naked eye.

I live with my family close to ‘The Ridgeway’ National Trail in Oxfordshire, where the rolling chalk-land landscape of the North Wessex Downs providing much of my inspiration. I am also a Landscape Architect, and have both a personal and practical understanding of the evolving story of the landscape, and the modern day pressures it faces.

When out with my camera, I tend to avoid the well trodden tourist spots if I can and prefer to explore off the beaten track, or focus in on an overlooked detail: an unusually shaped branch or the pattern of old nettle stems across a woodland floor. I take most of my photos whilst out on my daily dog walks, sometimes using my i-phone and otherwise my DSLR. Often using familiar locations, recorded in differing weather conditions, or at different times of year.

I began taking landscape photos back in 2016 and very quickly became hooked. I gradually discovered new ways to experiment which opened up news avenues for expression. In 2018 I progressed to selling selected images as archival giclee prints, enjoying the added dimension of printing on textured paper. Alongside this I have developed an interest in abstract representation using paint, print, collage and/ or digital methods.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to enquire about prints, or to hear about forthcoming events.

I look forward to hear from you.