Hi, I’m Nadine. 

I’m a contemporary fine art photographer and digital artist based in the North Wessex Downs. I create expressive and dynamic images of rural landscapes, occasionally straying into other subject areas as and when inspiration strikes! I use various techniques to create expressive interpretations of what I see, revealing a sense of otherness in my subjects not seen by the naked eye. My work ranges from observational recordings through to abstract and interpretive artwork using intentional blur and multi-layering techniques. My work is often said to be ethereal or painterly in character.

I live close to The Ridgeway in Oxfordshire which provides much of my day-to-day inspiration. I tend to avoid the well trodden tourist spots if I can, and instead prefer to explore off the well beaten track, or focus in on an overlooked detail: an unusually shaped branch or the pattern of old nettle stems across a woodland floor. I take most of my photos whilst out on my daily dog walks, sometimes using my i-phone and otherwise my DSLR. Often using familiar locations, recorded in differing weather conditions, or at different times of year.

I began taking landscape photos back  in 2016, initially on my phone, and very quickly became hooked. I gradually discovered new ways to experiment with my camera and editing software which opened up news avenues for expression. In 2018 I progressed to selling selected images as giclee prints, enjoying the added dimension of printing on textured paper.

Processed with Snapseed.
Misty Ridgeway – © Nadine Haigh

Living in the beautiful North Wessex Downs affords me plenty of inspiration to fuel my passion for creating. And many years experience of working as a Landscape Architect have given me a deeper understanding of the evolving story of the landscape, and the modern day pressures it faces.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to enquire about prints, or to hear about forthcoming events.

I look forward to hearing from you.